Who Needs It

    Organisations Who Benefit

    The EvacFlag™ is ideal for organisations that have an evacuation plan requiring searches of multiple rooms in the event of a bomb threat or fire evacuation.

    • Hospitals
    • Offices / Office Towers
    • Residential Care Facilities
    • Child Care Centres / Kindergartens
    • Airports
    • Dormitories
    • Defence Force
    • Schools / Educational Facilities
    • Factories
    • Hotels
    • Apartment Buildings
    • Cruise Ships
    • Sleeper Trains
    • Mining Industry

    The EvacFlag™ streamlines a current chaotic process, reducing the risk of missing someone in a search.


    • To provide a clear, consistent method to identify when a room has been searched and cleared of any occupants at the time of the search. Reducing the potential of staff, patients/ clients or visitors being missed.
    • Systematic and time efficient, the EvacFlag™ clearly indicates rooms that have been searched.
    • As a permanent fixture, it does not need to be retrieved.
    • Can be seen and understood in any language once trained.
    • To eliminate unnecessary multiple searching of the same room.
    • When in use and activated it clearly indicates rooms that have been searched, staff can then focus on rooms not yet searched, significantly reducing the risk of individuals and rooms being missed.
    • Rooms are easily identifiable to all that pass by that the room is deemed all clear.
    • Rooms where the EvacFlag™ have not been activated highlight the risk that room has been missed.
    • Can be seen in low light environment and reflective by torchlight.
    • Positioned at floor level increases visibility in dense smoke-filled corridor.
    • Can be used in practice emergency drills to enforce correct evacuation procedure, regular fire/ evacuation drills create a familiarity/ second nature process in the event of a true evacuation.
    • The EvacFlag™ is ideal for organizations that have a fire evacuation plan requiring multiple rooms to be searched in the event of a fire or emergency response.


    • Cost effective and reusable.
    • Ready to use at any time.
    • Easily installed.
    • Very easy to use, requires minimal training.
    • Based at floor level to increase visibility in a smoke-filled room.
    • Reflective, fluorescent material flag designed to catch attention.
    • No power/batteries required.
    • Light weight.
    • Unobtrusive.
    • Can be used repeatedly in fire drills and practice scenarios to improve staff efficiency.
    • Permanently fixed into position and does not need to be retrieved.
    • Disability Accessible.
    • Can be assigned next to or on any door or entrance way.
    • Can be used next to or on sliding doors. It is not limited to rooms with doors. and door handles. This can be further extended to corridors or wings of a building or zones; the device is attached near the entrance to the corridor to indicate sections or zones have been evacuated.
    • Once activated, rescuers and trained staff can potentially view multiple EvacFlags™ from a distance, negating the need to physically walk back up the corridor and research each room.
    • Sleek design with minimal horizontal surfaces minimising dust build up and cleaning requirements.
    • The flag when activated will protrude a maximum 130mm from the wall and if touched, the fine polyester fabric simply folds with no resistance.
    • The closing of doors is not recommended in a bomb threat, the EvacFlag™ can be mounted on a wall or entrance way enabling doors to be left open.
    • All devices can be made tamper resistant if required.