How It Works



    When the need to evacuate has been confirmed, this can be in response to a Fire, Internal or External Emergency or a Bomb threat, trained staff then check their rooms of responsibility.

    The EvacFlag™ is permanently installed in the corridors next to every door or entrance. Placement is recommended up to 1 meter from floor level, optimal positioning in a smoked filled corridor.

    After evacuating a room, on their departure they simply flick the top of the EvacFlag™ down, revealing a fluorescent orange flag with yellow reflective strips, indicating that room has been searched and vacated.

    How To Use

    Activation of a confirmed code Orange/Evacuation. This can be in response to a fire, internal emergency or bomb threat.

    Located at the entrance of all rooms.

    Flick down the top of the EvacFlag™ to reveal flag.

    The flag clearly indicates the room has already been searched and cleared. Move on to check rooms that have not been searched and flagged.

    Steps to be taken:

    1. Code Orange Evacuation Confirmed

    • Search your allocated rooms thoroughly if safe to do so.
    • Check all adjoining rooms such as
      • Ensuite
      • Back Office
      • Behind Curtain areas

    2. Call out

    •  Call out "evacuate!" as you search the room.

    3. Remove

    • Escort all occupants towards the nearest and safest exit.
    • Ask for help if necessary

    4. Close or open doors

    • Close doors to prevent the spread of fire OR
    • Leave open if bomb threat.

    5. Activate EvacFlag

    • Pull the EvacFlag™ down to indicate the room is all clear & doesn't require another search. Then move to the next room.



    By the end of the evacuation each room should have a flag actively showing.

    Closed or inactivated EvacFlags™ have reflective decals on the side and front.

    If the room has been searched and cleared the orange flag will be showing.

    Evacuation Status

    Clear communication indicating room status

    Rooms Not Searched


    Rooms Searched and Evacuated


    Highly Visible in Torch Light



    • At the completion of the evacuation or the practice drill, the EvacFlag™ is simply closed shut ready to use time and time again.
    • No ongoing costs
    • No Maintenance

    Zoned Areas


    A zoned area can also be flagged, such as the entrance to a ward or a corridor, indicating the marked area or zone has been cleared and evacuated.

    When the flag has been activated/open this indicates the entire zoned area has been checked and cleared, redirecting rescuers to areas where flags have not been activated to continue the evacuation process

    Tamper Seal



    If you are concerned about tampering in your area, simply slide a break seal tag through the hole in the top of the closed device and pull tightly. This stops the cover from being pulled down to the activated position. When the break seal tag is pulled firmly there will be no movement between the cover and base.

    Break tag seals can be purchased separately.

    When activation is required simply twist the break seal off and remove from device, then activate the EvacFlag™ as previously shown.

    It is recommended if using the break seal tag, the EvacFlag™ is screwed to the wall through the holes provided at the back.