Let's Introduce Ourselves

    The Founder of the EvacFlag™, Sherree Atkinson holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Nursing, specializing in Emergency, she has 18 years of acute clinical nursing experience.

    After completing a routine fire evacuation drill, Sherree saw an opportunity for improvement in her workplace emergency response procedure. She followed the warden’s instructions and cleared her area and as she was returning to the congregation point she happened to hear voices behind her and found two staff members re- checking all the rooms she had just checked.

    Sherree was concerned if duplicate checking was happening in a planned drill, it alarmed her to think about the potential consequences in the chaos of a real emergency evacuation.

    It was then she decided there must be a safer way to evacuate a building and came up with the concept of the EvacFlag™, an emergency communication device, for Smarter, Quicker and Safer evacuations.

    The EvacFlag™ provides an easy to use, systematic form of communication, advising trained staff a room has been checked and cleared of occupants.

    Through the development of the EvacFlag™ at Evac Flag Pty Ltd we have created a product to reduce risk and make evacuations safer. If the EvacFlag™ saves the life of one person, then this challenging journey has been worthwhile.